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PrimeWeb LMS

The PrimeWeb LMS is an online learning management system (LMS) which allows companies and teaching institutions to organize online learning via the Internet. E-learning is a great means of organizing internal and external learning for employees, suppliers, business partners, students, etc. It considerably extends the possibilities of learning organization, saves time and decreases learning management and communication costs.

Benefits for personnel and learning managers

  • Flexible teaching – all the studying related information is accessible for students wherever Internet connection is available.
  • All studying material is stored in a centralized data storage and can be managed conveniently whenever needed. Each student can easily find the information he needs.
  • Unlimited number of system users.
  • Unlimited amount of studying material (courses).
  • Interactive communication between coaches and their students via the internal messaging system speeds up the teaching progress and decreases teaching costs.
  • Self-evaluation and course tests as well as various reports help to determine the level of student‘s knowledge.
  • Progress monitoring provides reports on student progress in different courses.
  • The PrimeWeb LMS reporting system, which includes reports on the popularity of studying material, helps to improve the quality of the material.
  • Activity monitoring of students and coaches helps to identify the potential to improve in certain fields.
  • Content management tools enable content developers without any specific knowledge to manage and publish studying material easily.

Benefits for students

  • Students can access information and courses assigned to them wherever the Internet connection is available.
  • Each student can learn courses assigned to him at his own pace and time.
  • Students can do self-tests as well as course tests and get evaluation reports based on their input.
  • Communication with assigned coaches and collegues via the internal messaging system and forum helps students to improve rapidly and increase their knowledge.
  • Students get access to their notebook which can be used to write down and store various course related information for later viewing.
  • Each student can view his progress in each course. Doing tests and receiving automatic evaluation reports keeps students motivated and willing to improve.

Integration with an existing user base

  • The system can be adapted to synchronize with an external user base. This means that if a client has an already existing user base, the system can be programmed to use the existing users. This will completely remove the need to enter all the users to the system manually.
  • While synchronizing, the system will automatically create new user accounts and place the non-existant ones into the archive. This is especially useful to bigger companies where workforce flow is quite high (new employees are hired while other employees leave) since it frees system administrators from having to do these tasks manually.
  • The system has already been successfully integrated with Active Directory and OpenLDAP servers for multiple clients:

Online demo is available at http://lms.primeweb.eu.
Please contact us to find more about the product and its pricing.

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